Established in 1976, Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) has been a pioneer in the domestic violence and rape crisis movements.  Our club raised $2,000 to purchase new clothing items for rape victims. 
Anthony Zenkus & Paige Carbone from VIBS joined us for lunch on September 11th to tell us more about their non-profit and accept our donation of new clothes for their rape crisis centers.  Anthony is the Senior Director of Education and Communications for VIBS.  VIBS provides an free legal services & counseling for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.  They also work to provide education to the community about domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, human trafficking & military trauma.  VIBS receives funding from county, state and federal grants... and people like you.    At the suggestion of Megan Noble, our club raised money to purchase new clothing items for VIBS rape crisis centers.  These centers, embedded within Stony Brook & Good Samaritan Hospitals, are a safe place where sexual assault survivors can receive emergency medical care  and have forensic evidence properly collected.  Many times this means that the rape victim will have to submit every article of clothing they are wearing for evidence.  Our donations of new socks, underwear, t-shirts and sweat pants will be of great comfort to these victims.  Thank you again to Megan Noble and all club members who donated money for the clothing purchase.