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Gift of Life  This impressive program brings children with major heart problems to Stony Brook Hospital for life-saving surgery. Our club both sponsors and hosts children.

Habitat for Humanity   We helped find the land, sponsored, and helped build the first-ever Habitat for Humanity home in the Town of Babylon. We have since co-sponsored an additional home and worked on several others.
Meals on Wheels Van   We donated a complete van to Meals on Wheels, the largest in their fleet.
Babylon Little League Restrooms   In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International, we raised funds and sponsored the new rest rooms at the Locust Avenue Field for use by the 700 families that participate in Little League in Babylon
Legacy of Literacy The goal of this project was to encourage and celebrate children's love of reading. Each year, our club "adopted" a local elementary school and donated books to every child in the school. The event was held in conjunction with the regularly-scheduled Scholastic Bookfair that the school holds once or twice annually.
Guatemala Literacy For many years Babylon Rotary supported the Guatemala Literacy Project, a coalition of U.S. and international Rotary clubs that promotes both traditional and technological literacy in Guatemala.  Contributions are used to purchase and deliver text books and computer equipment  to schools in the Guatemalan highlands for the benefit of over 3000 underprivileged and under-served children
Clean Water Project   Our club, with an international project co-sponsor, the Rotary Club of Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic, spearheaded a request to the Rotary International Foundtion to obtain a matching grant to build an aqueduct in  the mountains of El Cercado, Dominican Republic.  The aqueduct project provides pure potable water to four adjacent communities of ElCercado for the benefit of 300 extremely poor families.
Mexican Playgrounds   The Rotary Club of San Miguel, Mexico, with the help of matching grants and the support of other Rotary clubs like ours, has provided funding for a number of playgrounds for primary and elementary schools in the poorer outskirts of San Miguel.
Science Education in Budapest, Hungary   For a number of years now our club has underwritten the cost of the Hungarian equivalent of Scientific American for all high schools in the Budapest area. We also sponsor a small scholarship for a teacher to reward and enhance their efforts.
Babylon Village Bayfest   A partnership of the Babylon Rotary Club and the Babylon Village Arts council, an evening celebration of our waterfront heritage, a sharing and celebration of all the Great South Bay has to offer for the entire family.