Babylon Rotary Club President Megan Noble presented Save the Great South Bay Director Robyn Silvestri with a donation of $1000.  The club enjoyed lunch & a thorough review of all of Save the Great South Bay's diligent efforts to keep our waterways clean. 
Save the Great South Bay is a local 501(c)3 non-profit that actively works to restore the Great South Bay and with that, strengthen our South Shore communities.  
-  Creek Defender Program - Their Creek Defenders help the 50 creeks flowing into the Great South Bay move freely by removing debris & monitoring invasive species. 
- Restoring Oyster Habitat - Oysters eat murky water lunch.  Did you know a single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day?! The Great South Bay Oyster Project restores oysters and utilizes their natural filtration capabilities to help clean the Bay. (7000 oysters have been planted)
- Planting Bay Friendly - They are restoring habitat for local wildlife by putting back what was her long before we were through their Bay Friendly Yards Program.  (43 total acres have been restored.)
- Education & Advocacy - They connect with educators, politicians and other important decision makers to make sure future generations understand the importance of restoring the bay while also influencing important legislative changes.